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Apex-CPX Introduction

APEX Network is the blockchain platform for the next generation of consumer applications - solving current problems concerning privacy, exchange and ownership of data, interactivity of consumer experiences, and connectivity of value. The goal of APEX Network is through proprietary blockchain technology, foster deeper 1-to-1 B2C relationships, by giving enterprises newer optimized ways to approach marketing, CRM, loyalty, and customer experience, and at the same time maximizing value obtained by the consumer in all B2C interactions. APEX is a public blockchain project, and CPX is currently issued on the NEO blockchain as an NEP-5 token until mainnet launch in early 2019, in which NEP-5 CPX will be swapped to Mainnet CPX.
The CPX token is essential to the operation of the ecosystem as both transactions across the network and access to consumer data require CPX fees being paid to the supernodes and data cloud nodes maintaining the network. Besides running these types of nodes token holders also earn CPX rewards through staking their tokens in voter nodes to support the supernodes. Enterprises running their own supernodes and sidechains are required to hold a significant amount of CPX tokens.