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Asch-XAS Introduction

Asch is a decentralized application platform, providing a series of SDK and API to help developers creating decentralized applications based on JavaScript and sidechain technology. By providing a whole set of industry standard solutions including customized sidechain, smart contracts, application hosting, and etc., Asch intends to offer an easy-to-use, fully functional and plug & play ecosystem, by which developers can rapidly iterate their JavaScript applications, and easily deploy them into application store built in the system. On the other hand, Asch itself is also a fully opened, decentralized application, which has its own cryptocurrency known as XAS. XAS is capable of interfacing with sidechain or any decentralized application (DAPP) through "two-way peg" mechanism so that it can be the bridge or media for the asset transition among all DAPPs, and to achieve that purpose, the XAS will be sold to the investors before the deployment of the system.