Baer Chain-BRC

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Base Info

  • Max Supply
    580000000 BRC
  • Total Supply
    580000000 BRC
  • Circulating Supply
    250000000 BRC
  • MarketCap

Baer Chain-BRC Introduction

Baer Chain belongs to Singapore Baer Chain Foundation and is the global game public chain pioneer. It is committed to building the world's first technology-driven blockchain game industry ecology. The BRC is the cryptographic digital currency issued by the Baer Chain and is the only currency in the Baer Chain game ecosystem.
Baer Chain uses unique DCC, RDSN,DCI,CREM and other technologies,as well as its own optimized SH-DPoS consensus mechanism to solve the monopoly of resources and channels in the traditional game industry,as well as mitigating the problem of poor experience in blockchain games. As the only currency on the Baer Chain, BRC can not only circulate among games that are chained on Baer Chain, but also can interact with other platforms outside Baer Chain.