Beetle Coin-BEET

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Base Info

  • Max Supply
    500000000 BEET
  • Total Supply
    500000000 BEET
  • Circulating Supply
    207858162 BEET
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Beetle Coin-BEET Introduction

The Beet node needs only a certain fixed amount of beets and a low-capacity server to establish and acquire the block rewards. Its advantage is the transformation from high energy and high cost to low energy and lost cost. In a stark comparison with PoW, the beet is of a promising future and great growth potential. The nodes can be removed at any moment to make the participants more flexible. However Beet possesses all the functions of the PoW coins and at the same time realizes a whole series of unique functions such as instant transaction, low transaction fees and anonymous payment as well as a decentralized management system. The team has developed their first app--Win. The commercial operation of the Win proves that the Beet joint technology is applicable to commercial purposes. Beet will be fully upgraded. The Beet joint technology allows the commercial clients to settle their equity ownership certificate and automatic dividend distribution with only simple operations. This gives the beet holders the opportunities to participate in the company’s development, which can be regarded as if the company has gained a large army of unpaid part-time employees. The Beet team is focused on the commercial application of blockchain and the continuous development of new technologies to serve the global enterprises!