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Base Info

  • Max Supply
    100000000 GAS
  • Total Supply
    17190378 GAS
  • Circulating Supply
    10128375 GAS
  • MarketCap

Gas-GAS Introduction

NEO is a distributed network which utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets and automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts. NEO network has two tokens, NEO representing the right to manage NEO blockchain and GAS representing the right to use the NEO Blockchain. GAS represents the right to use the Neo Blockchain. NEO network charges GAS for the new assets issuance as well as for smart contract running and storage. In the genesis block GAS is 0 and it is generated as new blocks generate. Once NEO is acquired, GAS is generated in the system following the algorithms. GAS has two status, available and unavailable. Once NEO is spent (i.e. transferred out) from the account, the relevant GAS turns to available. NEO holders can initiate a claim transaction at any time to claim available GAS to the NEO address.