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Neblio-NEBL Introduction

Neblio is a secure, distributed, platform built for enterprise applications and services. Blockchain’s unique distributed ledger technology is what makes the Neblio Network possible. This decentralized system of securely storing transactions is the future of database technology for global networks. Enterprise applications taking advantage of this technology gain numerous benefits over those using traditional database architectures including transaction immutability, transparency, security, reliability, and decentralization.
NEBL tokens on a blockchain network incentivize network users to secure and operate the network. Proof-of-stake works by using the network users’ tokens as votes towards consensus to verify new blocks and secure the network. Users with more tokens get more votes since they have more tokens to lose if an attack on the network is successful. In order to incentivize users to stake their tokens in this model, users are given a reward for staking their tokens and verifying new blocks.