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  • Max Supply
    200000000 OCT
  • Total Supply
    200000000 OCT
  • Circulating Supply
    50000000 OCT
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OracleChain-OCT Introduction

OracleChain (European Chain) is the first global application to directly address the blockchain ecosystem Oracle (Prophecy Machine) requirements, and directly link blockchain technology services and real-life multiple demand scenarios directly to the tens of billions of dollars. A huge market for value.
OracleChain is a multi-blockchain decentralized Oracle technology platform that uses autonomous PoRD mechanisms to bring real-world data to the blockchain and serve it as an infrastructure for other blockchain applications. OracleChain-based services, in addition to the ability to predict market applications, can also support smart contract services with higher frequency access requirements for out-of-chain data, such as smart investment.
OracleChain will change the development model of the current blockchain application and create a new ecosystem to serve blockchain applications that can truly transform the real world.
OracleChain's mission is to "make the world and the blockchain interconnected" and aspire to be the infrastructure linking the real world and the blockchain world. By introducing external data into the blockchain to achieve data interoperability outside the chain, OracleChain will be the future. The most efficient service delivery platform for acquiring out-of-band data in the blockchain world.