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  • Max Supply
    500000000 TRAC
  • Total Supply
    500000000 TRAC
  • Circulating Supply
    363853920 TRAC
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Trace-TRAC Introduction

OriginTrail is a purpose-built decentralized protocol running on a network of public nodes and enabling blockchain supported data sharing in supply chains. It enables seamless and automatic data connection and interoperability between IT systems and devices of different stakeholders in multi-organisation supply chains, with consensus mechanisms for ensuring the integrity of data. Data exchange is based on globally recognized GS1 standards while existing blockchain solutions are being used to keep fingerprints of the graphs ensuring immutability. This brings a profoundly new way of building transparency in supply chains and provides a necessary foundation to build new value - increased trust, optimized supply chain efficiencies, automated compliance and enforce quality assurance processes. Using OriginTrail, all stakeholders can securely share their data and keep sensitive data fully encrypted at all times. By supporting global standards for data exchange (GS1, IoT, compliance standards), OriginTrail assures compatibility with existing ERP systems, making implementation process quick and efficient. Finally, it is fully decentralized. It removes the possibility of collusions and introduces full accountability for the data provided. OriginTrail is built on existing use cases.