Ruff Token-RUFF

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Base Info

  • Max Supply
    2000000000 RUFF
  • Total Supply
    1880000000 RUFF
  • Circulating Supply
    980500000 RUFF
  • MarketCap

Ruff Token-RUFF Introduction

As an architecture combining blockchain and internet of things (IoT), Ruff Chain includes a public chain for development as well as a distributed operating system. It extends the point-to-point network and consensus mechanism from the virtual to real world, and promotes the motion of atomic flow by information flow. RUFF Tokens, validated by virtual currency contracts, are placed in the Ruff Chain; they are the standards for incentivizing, consuming, and trading in the Ruff Chain community.
The goal of RUFF Chain is to solve the problem of trusted operations and onerous operations between IoT systems in different domains, thus creating an open Ruff Chain Ecosystem. In the future, Ruff Chain will be a brand-new fundamental architecture platform based on IoT, with the characteristics of decentralization, development, open source, and high efficiency. In this ecosystem, different participants can obtain token rewards by providing resources, or consumption tokens to obtain resources, and share with one another to form an profit-driven autonomous entity.